The Team

At the first consultation, Frédéric Mennetrier’s team welcomes, listens, and analyses. The team is the heart of L’Atelier Blanc. Each of these diverse and talented artisans was hand-picked for his or her particular skills, meaning that each client is guaranteed a precise and informed colour analysis. The colourists share a common vocabulary and, as they work in pairs to achieve the client’s ideal hue, their gestures harmonise toward their common goal. Though the chemistry of hair colour is a science, individual customisation means respecting the personality of each woman who enters the studio.
To complete the bespoke experience offered by L’Atelier Blanc, all our colourists are also expert stylists.


Jessie is attentive to verbal and non-verbal cues from her clients, which she uses to capture their personalities in subtle nuances of colour. Her specialty is the art of blending to enhance the hair’s natural quality.


Never seen without his scales, Emmanuel hunts down the perfect proportions, intent on adding a touch of glamour to every moment of the day. Whether vibrant or dusky, he believes that colour is the representation of light itself.

Studio manager, colourist

Luc loves order, almost obsessively so, and practices his art as a form of meditation.

Head colourist

All colours excite Pierre, as long as they are precise and don’t feel garishly novel. Sometimes he pictures himself in his clients’ shoes to predict how the result will feel. (And sometimes he succeeds.)