L’Atelier Blanc is tucked away at the far end of the interior courtyard—right here, behind the glass door. As you enter, you’re greeted by a scent that is instantly familiar. If you were a client from the days at rue Mayran, you’ll already feel at home. All the ingredients of L’Atelier Blanc can be found reincarnated here, enhanced and enriched. The stone walls, metal beams and furniture are covered in a weathered white patina.

Walk past the cloakroom, down the corridor, and step past the private booths into the first part of the Atelier, a room filled with marbled objects and bathed in a soft, true-colour light. Turn to the right: the nerve centre appears before you, revealing the colour box, the spotless lab and the central workshop where the colourists skilfully craft each formula. Myriad tubes and powders can be seen nearby. Now, look towards the back, where another area appears, the space reserved for studio work. That is the heart of L’Atelier Blanc. If you return often and take time to observe, you will notice these spaces evolving over time for years to come, marking the life of the Atelier.