« Actually, we use very few colours. It’s how we use them that gives the illusion of the vast tonal range. » FM – October 2016 

Our colourists’ code of thumb? Precision. This takes time, so count on a minimum of three hours for the first appointment. At L’Atelier Blanc, the savoir-faire of the colourists depends on the combination of artisanal skill and highly-precise expertise. When technique is at its most advanced, the colourist’s work appears perfectly effortless. Each step of the colouring process includes customised nourishing treatments to preserve and restore the capillary fibres. The optimisation of pigment formulas is best achieved when applied by two colourists working in tandem.

At L’Atelier Blanc, in keeping with our commitment to respecting hair’s integrity, we continually work in close collaboration with the laboratories that manufacture our colours and treatments to assure the finest quality and most advanced ingredients.