Services for men

L’Atelier Blanc features a dedicated area and team to serve male clients, offering a unique approach and exclusive services in a cosy, private alcove.

From the serene tonal palate to the one-of-a-kind Takara Belmont chair (white—of course), no detail has been overlooked. This space is reserved for men of all ages who seek discretion, from those seeking undetectable natural shades to those for whom we create the perfect platinum blond, bright colour, or muted pastel.

« In terms of hair colour for men, basic, functional colours are the norm, which isn’t exactly cheerful, says Frédéric Mennetrier. Here, rather than declare war on grey hair, we take the natural process into account when working with greying clients. It would be ridiculous to copy and paste the same colour a client had at the age of 20. »